This year’s Annual Banquet will highlight the diversity of the Hoosier Muslim community. There is no one definition of being Muslim and the Muslim identity is what we make it. We are thrilled to welcome Melanie Elturk, founder and CEO of Haute Hijab, as our keynote speaker for this year’s event!

MAI is proud to serve all those who identify as Muslims and their allies, and provide platforms to connect and empower one another through advocacy, civic engagement and community service. We look forward to celebrating some of this year’s brightest Muslim Hoosiers and allies during our Annual Banquet Awards Ceremony.

We will also be hosting several pre-banquet activities. The community fair will feature businesses and organizations that are owned by or serve Muslims in the community, giving attendees a chance to learn about and support their neighbors.

If you are interested in sponsoring, exhibiting at the community fair, or submitting a nomination for this year’s awards, please send an email to [email protected]

MAI Looks to Strengthen Relationships Amid Announcement of Jerusalem as Israeli Capital

December 6, 2017

Indianapolis, IN – The Muslim Alliance of Indiana (MAI) is concerned about President Trump’s announcement today declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel, and relocating the United States embassy. Jerusalem has historic and religious significance to a number of faiths, especially those of Islamic, Christian and Jewish traditions.

“While we do not have an answer for peace in the Middle East, we do know that declaring Jerusalem as the Israeli capital is a very polarizing issue and the President’s decision has been made unilaterally, without input from all affected parties in the region,” says Aliya Amin, executive director of the Muslim Alliance of Indiana. “Because MAI is dedicated to interfaith work and global peace, we are deeply concerned about the impact of the President’s announcement on any future peace talks abroad, and specifically relations between Muslims, Christians and Jews right here in Indiana. We have worked hard to forge relationships with local organizations of differing faiths and backgrounds, several of whom have become our allies. We will continue our work here, in Indiana, to bridge the gap between our faiths, and will continue to pray for peace around the world.”

MAI recently held its Annual Banquet on November 12, celebrating over 15 years of allies, interfaith work and civic engagement.