— Muslim Alliance of Indiana

MAI strongly believes that Muslim Hoosiers are at their best when we collaborate and communicate with one another. Furthermore, MAI also believes our work, which aims to serve our diverse communities and to empower them, is best guided by input from the broadest range of Muslim Hoosier voices. To help achieve these two goals, the MAI Board of Directors approved a resolution in May of this year to establish the Council of Indiana Muslim Organizations. This statewide federation will consist of the presidents of Muslim organizations from across our state. The Council will meet twice annually. It will provide direction for the MAI’s activities and will aid the MAI’s efforts to strengthen the Muslim Hoosier community.

Muslim Hoosiers are strongest when we know each other and can discuss our challenges and solutions collectively and respectfully. Unity is not agreeing all the time but the willingness to come together and insure that we understand and respect one another. To use an old American adage: “united we stand, divided we fall.”