— Muslim Alliance of Indiana

Indy Muslims Response: COVID-19

We have created an Indy Muslim Response website to pool together resources from and for the Muslim community in the spirit of collaboration and unity in this time. All resources will be available on the website www.indymuslim-response.com, and we will be highlighting specific ways you can support the community over the next several weeks. Additionally, there is a link to resources if you are in need of assistance.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have suggestions or additional resources!

This week’s action alert is to DONATE BLOOD

There is a national blood supply shortage due to quarantines. If you are healthy, young, and able, please donate blood through the Red Cross or Indiana Blood center! This counts as an “essential” activity under Stay at Home orders. Check out www.indymuslim-response.com/ for more info.

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