— Muslim Alliance of Indiana

IUPUI and Butler MSAs at Gleaners

On the morning of February 8th, dozens of college students from IUPUI and Butler University volunteered at the Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana. With below freezing temperatures and messy roads, it was quite a spectacle seeing the masses of students going to volunteer – not to mention it was at 9 am. Student volunteers united under the Muslim Student Association for the regular Gleaner’s Food Bank volunteer work. Gleaners is a large non-profit organization that serves daily meals to thousands of hungry men, women and children each year in central Indiana. The IUPUI and Butler Muslim Student Association joined forces to bring as many people as possible to volunteer for such a great and humble cause. “It’s eye opening to think that without Gleaner’s, many families and individuals wouldn’t have access to food” said Kareem Omara, an engineering sophomore at IUPUI. “I love what we [the MSA] are doing here.” Many other students like Kareem spent hours separating thousands of nonperishables between good, undamaged food and expired, damaged food donated by large corporations such as Walmart and Marsh. After four hours of hard, diligent work, the volunteers completed hundreds of boxes of food donations that will be fed to the impoverished and destitute of central Indianapolis.  

May God Almighty reward all those who devoted their time to help the needy.