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MAI Condemns the Terrorist Attack on New Zealand Mosques and Urges All Places of Worship to Take Extra Security Measures

MAI Executive Director, Aliya Amin, 317-306-1998, aliya.amin@indianamuslims.org

(Indianapolis, IN, 3/15/19) – The Muslim Alliance of Indiana (MAI) is grieving for 49 lives lost in a terror attack on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand during Friday prayers, condemns the Islamophobic, anti-immigrant hate that was the motivator for the attack and asks all places of worship to remain vigilant and enforce extra security measures for all services.

A gunman opened fire at two mosques during Friday prayers killing 49 people and injuring nearly 50 in what is the biggest act of mass violence in New Zealand’s history. The killing spree lasted for 17 minutes and there are reports that a 73-page manifesto was authored by the 28-year old gunman claiming that he wanted to attack Muslims and praising President Donald Trump calling him a “symbol of renewed white identity.” In addition to the shooting, two explosive devices were found attached to one of the detainee’s cars. 

In a statement, MAI Executive Director Aliya Amin said:
“The Hoosier Muslim community is shattered and heartbroken for our Kiwi sisters and brothers. At this time, we urge all faith communities to take extra security measures during services and sunday schools because all life is precious. While attacks against Muslims have been on the rise, this is the first we have seen on this scale. We call upon our leaders and elected officials to openly and forcefully condemn the hate that was the driving force for this attack before we find ourselves grieving for even more lives. Just as Charleston was unacceptable, Pittsburgh was unacceptable, Christchurch is unacceptable and should be the end of the list of attacks due to any kind of hate. To the families of all victims, we don’t have any words that can give you comfort, but the world is praying for you. May God grant you peace and strength during this devastating time.”

A fundraising campaign has been started for the victims and their families here: https://www.launchgood.com/project/support_for_the_families__victims_of_the_new_zealand_mosque_shootings#!/

Muslim Alliance of Indiana (MAI) is an Indiana-based nonprofit of Muslims working for all Hoosiers to build a community that is inclusive, diverse and capable of effective collective action to preserve the civil rights and liberties of all. 

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