— Muslim Alliance of Indiana

MAI Statement on Reported Discrimination at IUPUI

The Muslim Alliance of Indiana (MAI), a statewide organization advocating on behalf of all Hoosiers, is concerned about the allegations of harassment towards a Muslim student in the IUPUI Kelley School of Business program.

The student, who wishes to remain anonymous at this time, says she experienced harassment by her peers because of her ethnicity, religion and gender. Upon reporting to her professors, the student was met with “victim-blaming and apathy” and one professor went so far as to question her legal and citizenship status. Since sending an open letter to the IUPUI Kelley School of Business community, several current and former students have come forward with similar experiences of discrimination and harassment. While no student should be subject to any level of hostility or bigotry, we hold our academic institutions to a higher standard as a haven for intellectual exchange and growth.

Upon receipt of the letter and outreach from several professors and concerned citizens, including MAI, Kelley School has taken the first steps to address these issues in an official capacity. However, MAI and the author of the anonymous letter would like to see campus-wide acknowledgement and interventions. We urge all students who have faced any level of discrimination to report their incidents to the IUPUI Office of Equal Opportunity via web or by calling 317-274-2306. 

MAI will remain engaged with IUPUI leadership to ensure any kind of discrimination, bigotry and harassment is identified swiftly and dealt with thoroughly. Furthermore, we will work with IUPUI to raise cultural awareness, facilitate proper training for administration, faculty and staff, and establish open lines of communication between the Muslim community and IUPUI.We commend the brave students who have come forward thus far and those who will continue to share their own stories in hopes of preventing other students from facing the same challenges.

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