— Muslim Alliance of Indiana

MAI envisions a future in which thriving and integrated Hoosier Muslims serve their broader communities and the state, and in which they are considered as an indispensable component of Indiana’s political, economic, religious and social fabrics. It also works towards building a broad Hoosier Muslim community that is strong in its diversity, inclusive, and is capable of effective collective action to preserve its civil rights and liberties, along with those of other vulnerable groups

Mission Statement

MAI’s mission is to:

  • Advocate on behalf of Hoosier Muslims with government, politicians and law enforcement
  • Engage Hoosier Muslim individuals and organizations
  • Empower Hoosier Muslims to accomplish their goals and to serve society
  • Promote collaboration among Hoosier Muslims
  • Encourage and nurture a culture of service among Hoosier Muslims


At the Muslim Alliance of Indiana, all of the hard work we do helps to create better communities where Muslim Hoosiers can learn to find a voice of their own!

  • We continually strive to develop programming in pursuit of social justice for all Hoosiers.
  • We believe that an engaged and active Muslim community is the key to dispelling fear and misunderstanding about Islam.
  • We seek out interfaith partnerships to strengthen our relationships with other religious communities throughout Indianapolis.
  • We understand that to see our vision turn into reality, we must provide opportunities for leadership among both Muslim women and Muslim youth.
  • We continually work to assure a place for the Muslim voice in public dialogue.