— Muslim Alliance of Indiana

Muslim Hoosiers Celebrate Eid-al-Fitr and Independence Day While Saddened by Events Abroad

Indianapolis, IN – Muslim Hoosiers gathered today in mosques and open spaces to celebrate Eid-al-Fitr, the feast that marks the end of the month of fasting, Ramadan. The Muslim Alliance of Indiana (MAI) wishes all a joyous “Eid Mubarak and a blessed celebration. May God accept all your good deeds, answer your prayers, and may you all be well, all year and every year.”

MAI urges Muslims to continue to practice the lessons of Ramadan, particularly solidarity with the hungry through fasting and charity, and the discipline of patience with any provocation. Food pantries at Indiana mosques served a record number of fellow citizens of all faiths during this month of Ramadan. We hope to continue to serve all Hoosiers in need with food, justice, service and smiles all year and every year.

This week, we also celebrate our Declaration of Independence with fellow Americans. We are profoundly grateful for the freedoms that we enjoy as citizens of the United States, including the freedom to practice our faith and celebrate our holidays. Let us work to protect those freedoms by practicing them with kindness and love, all year and every year.

Although there is much to celebrate, all is not well in our land and around the world. The last days of Ramadan were marked by news of a horrific terrorist attacks in the holy city of Madinah at the peak of the Umrah pilgrimage, the worst terrorist bombing in Iraq since 2003 with over 250 killed, a mass shooting in Istanbul, Turkey, diabolical killings of foreigners in Bangladesh, and attacks at other locations in Saudi Arabia. MAI condemns all violence, especially the targeting of civilians of any faith. Such despicable acts are against all Islamic teachings, and the individuals responsible for these acts are simply terrorists, not Muslims.

The violence is not only abroad, but at home as well. There have been reports of several attacks on Muslims in Houston and New York, and the Indianapolis Star reported over 60 people were shot in our neighboring city of Chicago over the holiday weekend.

The Quran and Islamic tradition denounce the taking of innocent lives:  “Whoever kills an innocent soul…it is as if he has slain mankind entirely. And whoever saves a soul, it is as if he has saved mankind entirely,” (Quran 5:32).

MAI asks all Muslims to unite in praying for and remembering the victims of terrorism worldwide, and condemning violence in our United States, even as we celebrate the festival of Eid. MAI stands with our communities in working towards peace, tolerance and understanding, and is grateful for the support of fellow citizens, all year and every year.