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Muslim Hoosiers Condemn Attacks on Worshippers, Others in Sri Lanka

Indianapolis, IN, 4/21/2019 – The Muslim Alliance of Indiana (MAI), a statewide organization advocating on behalf of all Hoosiers, is devastated and outraged at the news of horrific attacks at churches and hotels during Easter Sunday services in Sri Lanka. Initial reports indicate at least 207 killed and 450 injured by simultaneous attacks at eight different locations.

In a statement, Aliya Amin, executive director of MAI, said:

“We mourn with all of Sri Lanka today. There is no place in the world for such violence, especially in sacred spaces of worship, and it is saddening that we find ourselves repeatedly and more frequently condemning such despicable acts. Today, especially in the spirit of Easter Sunday, we renew our commitment to solidarity, peace and understanding between communities around the world and at home in Indiana. All life is precious, and as is stated in the Holy Quran and Islamic tradition, ‘Whoever kills an innocent soul, it is as if he has slain mankind entirely. And whoever saves a soul, it is as if he has saved mankind entirely.’ We stand with our Hoosier interfaith family and pray for Sri Lanka.”

MAI requests all Hoosiers to unite in praying for and remembering the victims of the attacks in Sri Lanka, and for all individuals responsible be brought to justice.

For more information, please contact Aliya Amin at aliya.amin@indianamuslims.org

Please support the victims of the Easter Sunday bombings in Sri Lanka and their families by donating to the following campaign:  https://www.launchgood.com/campaign/srilanka#!/.

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