— Muslim Alliance of Indiana

Muslim Hoosiers condemn Orlando Nightclub Mass Shooting

The Muslim Alliance of Indiana (MAI) is shocked and horrified by the tragic mass shooting in Orlando. We join our fellow Americans in mourning the innocent lives lost. Our prayers and thoughts are with the victims of this massacre of innocents in an evident hate crime. We urge Muslims and people of all faiths to stand with and pray for those killed or injured in the attack, the brave officers who responded rapidly, all their loved ones and for the speedy recovery and rehabilitation of those injured. MAI vigorously condemns the heinous attacks as barbarous acts of hate and murder that are wholly contradictory to the teachings of Islam. Islam is a religion of peace, tolerance and justice, and we condemn any individual or organization that uses the name of Islam for its own inhumane agenda. Now more than ever, we as a Nation need to stand united to speak out against and combat all hate crimes and terrorism. All life is sacred, and should be protected (Quran, 5:32).

MAI commends law enforcement officers for their courage, skill and diligence in ending the attack and working around the clock to keep Orlando safe. We are grateful for the careful comments of officials and leaders to allow the investigation to go forward, without rushing to judgment about the suspect’s motivation or heritage. As we continue to learn more details about the suspect, we urge media professionals to continue to exercise restraint in speculating about motivations or associations.

The Islamic Center of Orlando has urged Muslims to give blood immediately to save the lives of injured survivors, even if it means breaking the fast of Ramadan, saying “A broken fast can be made up, a life lost is gone forever.” We urge Muslims to show compassion and contribute generously to their communities by civic engagement, volunteering, giving blood and aiding public safety. Through service, dialogue and promoting peace, we can drive out hate.

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