— Muslim Alliance of Indiana


The Muslim Alliance of Indiana (MAI) is deeply disturbed by recent anti-Muslim rhetoric in political campaigning. The experiences of minority groups has shown that divisive and demeaning rhetoric tends to incite acts of violence and intimidation. Today, Muslims are experiencing an upsurge in harassment and hate crimes and are becoming fearful in going about their daily lives.

We reject demands that Muslims be required to register in a national database, wear special badges, or be prohibited from entering the United States based on religious belief. We also believe that it is cruel to turn away genuine refugees based on religion or nationality, and contradicts a fundamental American values stated on our Statue of Liberty: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free…”

Intolerance based on religion, nationality, or race is a betrayal of values that all Americans and Hoosiers cherish. MAI is grateful for the support and encouragement of the many religious, civic, and political groups who have spoken and are speaking out against bigotry toward Muslims.

It is noted that MAI has consistently and without reservation condemned acts of terrorism, most recently the horrific shootings in San Bernardino (see statement of 12-4-2015).

The vision of MAI is to see Muslim Hoosiers thriving and actively serving their communities, helping to build a diverse, inclusive, and vibrant state characterized by strong social justice. MAI also strives to build a unified Muslim community that is well-integrated into Indiana’s political, economic, religious and social fabrics, and is working to preserve the civil rights and liberties of all vulnerable groups.