— Muslim Alliance of Indiana

Two of our cornerstone programs are our Refugee Program and our Protective Orders Program. Our Refugee Program supports new Hoosiers by assisting them in the legal work required to adjust their status and our Protective Orders Program assists victims of domestic violence by helping them navigate the confusing web of requirements to acquire a protective order against their abusers. These services are provided on a referral basis and at at pro bono rates.

Our Annual Governor’s Iftar is an interfaith gathering during the holy month of Ramadan that provides an opportunity to embrace our Indianapolis community. This event fosters connections both within our Muslim community and the greater community at-large and provide a showcase for the good work MAI does throughout the year!

As MAI moves into 2012, we will be continuing our Campaign for Compassionate Communities started in 2011. This year, MAI will focus on ensuring food security in Indianapolis through a series of events and service opportunities as part of the Hunger Initiative.

In addition to these ongoing programs, MAI hosts numerous cultural and educational events throughout the year on a variety of topics. Recent events include:

  • The Legacy of Agent Orange: A training with area service workers on the lingering effects of Agent Orange (or Dioxin), a chemical agent used during the Vietnam War
  • A Film Screening of A Prince Among Slaves