We welcome adult volunteers and mature teens to assist and support events, community outreach, and fundraising events. We need passionate volunteers to help us organize and host tables at events, appear at events, knock on doors, make phone calls and so much more! No matter what your special skill–anything from graphic design to experience as a paralegal to an uncanny ability to charm people over the phone–we welcome you to join us. Is there an idea or project you would like to help us launch? Let us know!

    Please Indicate your Volunteer Interests


    1. Muhammad Sarib Haroon said:

      Assalamu Alaykum,

      My name is Muhammad Sarib Haroon and I’m currently an undergraduate student (senior) at DePauw university in Greencastle, Indiana. I’ll be graduating soon and moving to downtown Indianapolis by June 13th to begin my job at Angie’s List.

      I was looking into some volunteer work opportunities once I move to Indy and was recommended being involved with the Muslim Alliance of Indiana. My undergrad study focus was in Economics and am hoping to contribute to the great work you all do. I enjoy writing and would love to be involved in some on the ground stuff too. Please let me know how I can become more involved with this organization. Thank you.



    2. Rafia said:

      Salaam and Ramadan Mubarak,

      My name is Rafia Khader. I’m relatively new to the Indianapolis area (I live in Fishers). I learned about MAI yesterday and wanted to know more about how I can get involved. I’ve worked at Islamic organizations in the past, have a Master’s degree in Religious Studies and experience doing interfaith work. I look forward to hearing more about your events and how I can help.

      Jazak’Allah Khair,

    3. Assalamu Alaykum,

      I’d like to participate and volunteer where I can provide value. Please let me know of any opportunities to do so.

    4. Canary Alderson said:

      Good morning,

      I am a Muslim woman and I have recently been through a traumatic event in my life that has caused me to loose touch with Islam and Allah. I want to volunteer so I can help people,regain my connection with Islam and Allah, and become apart of the Muslim community here in Indianapolis.

    5. I would like to volunteer with you

    6. I would like to volunteer with you. What can I do?

    7. Elise Hertz said:

      Hi, I’m the founder of Suit Up Indiana–Finding a Way Forward. Remembering Australia’s “I’ll Ride with You” campaign, I wanted to offer volunteer escort services in case any of your community members are or feel vulnerable in public places following the election. Please let me know if we can help.

    8. Anna said:

      I have heard of women around the nation who have been harassed or feel threatened when in public with their head covered. I would love to accompany women in the Indianapolis area who feel concerned about running their errands alone. Is there a program in place to support them?

    9. Amanda Magaldi said:

      I would like more information on how I can volunteer with your organization.

    10. Seth Lucas said:

      Hi there,
      I’m a freelance illustrator available during the day time and I’d like to offer to help in any way I can.
      Seth Lucas

    11. Thomas Walsh said:

      Hi – as many in the country are, I am disheartened by the results of the presidential election in addition to our local elections. I am a white male and am ashamed by the level of bigotry and fear within my demographic and feel that it is time I stop sitting around. I have been researching different ways to get involved in my community and decided that possibly the biggest issue facing our country is, in this moment, Islamophobia. My closest friend is a Muslim-American from Bangladesh and I have seen first hand how the past 18 months have affected him.
      I do not have much to give other than my time, but was hoping there is a way for me to get involved. I look forward to hearing back.

      Thanks for your time,

      Thomas Walsh

    12. Dena Davidson said:


      I’d like to get involved and support this organization. I have extensive education experience (higer education/adult learning) and am happy to assist in any educational programming creation. But really, I am happy to help and volunteer in any capacity you need. How can I get involved in supporting the Muslim community in Indianapolis?

    13. Lauren Harrell said:

      I would like some information about volunteering! Thanks!

    14. Michelle Bailey said:

      With everything going on in America I’d like to volunteer however I can to help support community engagement amongst all people and keep discrimination out of our town as much as possible. Please let me know how to do so.

    15. Rob said:

      I want to volunteer.

    16. Amna Aziz said:

      Interested in volunteering. Thanks.

    17. Samantha Ornig said:

      Hello, Im student at IUPUI and I’m taking a class this semester that requires volunteering. We have to volunteer with and organization the represents a group of people we don’t personally identify with. A friend of mine told me to reach out to the Muslim Alliance after she was approached by members of the organization. She said this would be a great opportunity for me. Given the current political climate, I would love to volunteer with your organization and do my part to help you out. Please let me know if I am able to work with the Alliance. I look forward to hearing from you!

    18. Hi,

      My name is Jenna Giles and I’m a graphic designer here in Indianapolis. I’m currently the art director at a marketing company called Roundpeg, but I also do my own design work on the side.

      I was able to see Rima speak last night at the ACLU event and I wanted to reach out and see how I can help. The thing she said that really stuck with me was that the Muslim community needs the help of everyone else in order to make those small voices become large. My skills are primarily in design and marketing, so I wanted to see if there was anything I could do to be of service to you in either of those areas. One of the women on stage last night teased Rima about her table needing “a bit of help” and it immediately made me think of a possible brochure redesign, or flyers or signage.

      I’d love to talk to someone about what design or marketing ideas you may have, and if I could possibly be of service.

      Thanks for your time!

    19. Ross Pierson said:

      I would like to know about volunteer opportunities!

    20. Sarah Goldberg said:

      I went to the ACLU’s first Wednesday event (2/1) and I was inspired by Rima’s words. About 3 years ago I started my journey in converting to Judaism (my husband is Jewish by birth though this fact was not my reason in converting) and I am raising my son under this faith. I am worried about the rhetoric I am hearing out there and the actions taken place against my people. It’s because if this and my knowledge that Islam is NOT a faith of violence and I want to join my Muslim brothers and sisters in unity to fight this hatred and – to be honest – just ignorance. One of the statements Rima made was “our issues might one day be YOUR issues”.. and that will be with me for a while!

    21. Suleman Hussain said:

      I a happy to volunteer for community building/outreach/charity events. I am not a Muslim, though I was raised as one. I was very thankful and happy to hear from your representative yesterday at the ACLU first wednesday event.

    22. Marshall Greenberg said:


      I am an attorney located in Indianapolis and would like to know about any legal volunteer opportunities with your organization.

      Marshall Greenberg

    23. Eva Kanyuh said:

      Hello! My name is Eva, and I’m a student at IUPUI. This semester I was assigned to volunteer for an organization that I would like to learn more about. I think I’d be a great volunteer for MAI, because I have a true desire to understand more about the Islamic faith and I have lots of free time. I live in Indianapolis, but would be willing to commute a bit. Really hoping to hear from you.

    24. MARY BROWN said:

      Will be happy to help in any way I can.