The Muslim Alliance of Indiana (MAI) is deeply concerned by the xenophobic and Islamophobic messages posted by Republican councilman candidate Haywood Ware. We join the Greencastle community in calling for Haywood Ware to step down from his candidacy. His comments can be found at

We encourage our members to join the Greencastle community by signing this petition.…/1FAIpQLSfTYMF6pPHZZKC3qL…/viewform

A Call to Action! Muslims are facing various forms of discriminatory treatment in U.S. prisons. Muslim prisoners struggle to keep even the most basic religious practices while in prison, which is a direct violation of these individuals’ religious freedoms.

What you need to know
Several Muslim incarcerated individuals have filed suit in Southern District of Indiana against the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) over their failure to provide Muslims with access to halal foods. This lawsuit challenges the BOP’s refusal to accommodate Muslim inmates’ religious dietary restrictions by providing alternate halal-certified meal plans and by ensuring that food provided to Muslim inmates is not contaminated with non-halal ingredients.

The BOP has refused to provide such accommodations to Muslims in federal prisons, even though it accommodates the religious dietary needs of other similarly situated religious minorities through their Religious Diet Program. This Religious Diet Program offers kosher meals as well as no-pork and no-flesh options, but none of these are consistent with a halal diet. This keeps Muslim inmates from being able to abide by basic religious laws in their daily lives.

How you can help
To make a difference, we need members of the wider Muslim community rallying to raise awareness around this issue. Take action by contacting the National Chaplaincy Administrator from the Federal Bureau of Prisons to demand that: “Muslim prisoners be fully accommodated with halal certified meals and everything else that is a part of the Religious Diets Program.”

You can contact the National Chaplaincy Administrator by phone: 202-514-9740 or by email: [email protected]

Learn more
Find more information about the case at the University of Michigan Civil Rights Litigation Clearinghouse by copying and pasting the following link:, or by sending us an email at [email protected]

Indianapolis, IN, 4/21/2019 – The Muslim Alliance of Indiana (MAI), a statewide organization advocating on behalf of all Hoosiers, is devastated and outraged at the news of horrific attacks at churches and hotels during Easter Sunday services in Sri Lanka. Initial reports indicate at least 207 killed and 450 injured by simultaneous attacks at eight different locations.

In a statement, Aliya Amin, executive director of MAI, said:

“We mourn with all of Sri Lanka today. There is no place in the world for such violence, especially in sacred spaces of worship, and it is saddening that we find ourselves repeatedly and more frequently condemning such despicable acts. Today, especially in the spirit of Easter Sunday, we renew our commitment to solidarity, peace and understanding between communities around the world and at home in Indiana. All life is precious, and as is stated in the Holy Quran and Islamic tradition, ‘Whoever kills an innocent soul, it is as if he has slain mankind entirely. And whoever saves a soul, it is as if he has saved mankind entirely.’ We stand with our Hoosier interfaith family and pray for Sri Lanka.”

MAI requests all Hoosiers to unite in praying for and remembering the victims of the attacks in Sri Lanka, and for all individuals responsible be brought to justice.

For more information, please contact Aliya Amin at [email protected]

Please support the victims of the Easter Sunday bombings in Sri Lanka and their families by donating to the following campaign:!/.

The Muslim Alliance of Indiana (MAI), a statewide organization advocating on behalf of all Hoosiers, is concerned about the allegations of harassment towards a Muslim student in the IUPUI Kelley School of Business program.

The student, who wishes to remain anonymous at this time, says she experienced harassment by her peers because of her ethnicity, religion and gender. Upon reporting to her professors, the student was met with “victim-blaming and apathy” and one professor went so far as to question her legal and citizenship status. Since sending an open letter to the IUPUI Kelley School of Business community, several current and former students have come forward with similar experiences of discrimination and harassment. While no student should be subject to any level of hostility or bigotry, we hold our academic institutions to a higher standard as a haven for intellectual exchange and growth.

Upon receipt of the letter and outreach from several professors and concerned citizens, including MAI, Kelley School has taken the first steps to address these issues in an official capacity. However, MAI and the author of the anonymous letter would like to see campus-wide acknowledgement and interventions. We urge all students who have faced any level of discrimination to report their incidents to the IUPUI Office of Equal Opportunity via web or by calling 317-274-2306. 

MAI will remain engaged with IUPUI leadership to ensure any kind of discrimination, bigotry and harassment is identified swiftly and dealt with thoroughly. Furthermore, we will work with IUPUI to raise cultural awareness, facilitate proper training for administration, faculty and staff, and establish open lines of communication between the Muslim community and IUPUI.We commend the brave students who have come forward thus far and those who will continue to share their own stories in hopes of preventing other students from facing the same challenges.

MAI Executive Director, Aliya Amin, 317-306-1998, [email protected]

(Indianapolis, IN, 3/15/19) – The Muslim Alliance of Indiana (MAI) is grieving for 49 lives lost in a terror attack on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand during Friday prayers, condemns the Islamophobic, anti-immigrant hate that was the motivator for the attack and asks all places of worship to remain vigilant and enforce extra security measures for all services.

A gunman opened fire at two mosques during Friday prayers killing 49 people and injuring nearly 50 in what is the biggest act of mass violence in New Zealand’s history. The killing spree lasted for 17 minutes and there are reports that a 73-page manifesto was authored by the 28-year old gunman claiming that he wanted to attack Muslims and praising President Donald Trump calling him a “symbol of renewed white identity.” In addition to the shooting, two explosive devices were found attached to one of the detainee’s cars. 

In a statement, MAI Executive Director Aliya Amin said:
“The Hoosier Muslim community is shattered and heartbroken for our Kiwi sisters and brothers. At this time, we urge all faith communities to take extra security measures during services and sunday schools because all life is precious. While attacks against Muslims have been on the rise, this is the first we have seen on this scale. We call upon our leaders and elected officials to openly and forcefully condemn the hate that was the driving force for this attack before we find ourselves grieving for even more lives. Just as Charleston was unacceptable, Pittsburgh was unacceptable, Christchurch is unacceptable and should be the end of the list of attacks due to any kind of hate. To the families of all victims, we don’t have any words that can give you comfort, but the world is praying for you. May God grant you peace and strength during this devastating time.”

A fundraising campaign has been started for the victims and their families here:!/

Muslim Alliance of Indiana (MAI) is an Indiana-based nonprofit of Muslims working for all Hoosiers to build a community that is inclusive, diverse and capable of effective collective action to preserve the civil rights and liberties of all. 

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Did you know that we have a helpline for Arabic-speaking Hoosiers? If you know of an individual or family that needs help connecting to services or reporting an incident, please pass along the phone number!

All callers can remain anonymous if they wish, and the hotline is not just for Muslims. Please help spread the word! #indianamuslims

Whether you need help finding jobs, educational programs, health care or legal advice – call the helpline to be connected to these resources and more!

If you work with the Arabic-speaking population and would like us to drop off some fliers, please message us or email [email protected]

Join us for the vigil on Friday, March 1st: RSVP here

The Greater Indianapolis Muslim community is saddened and disheartened by the recent murder of Mustafa Ayoubi, a 32-year old IU Kelley School of Business graduate, devoted son and brother, and loyal friend. Ayoubi’s friends were present during the shooting and witnessed the alleged shooter shout bigoted and Islamophobic statements at Ayoubi before pulling the
trigger and taking his life.

We strongly condemn the abhorrent sentiments of hate and bigotry and we continue to work closely with IMPD for a transparent investigation into this hate crime.

Our hearts and prayers are with Mustafa’s family and friends, and we appreciate the outpouring support from the interfaith community. We will not tolerate bigotry in our Hoosier State, and with our allies, will continue our work to ensure that no community will grieve because of hate.

Signed in love,

Congressman Andre Carson, Indiana Congressional District 7
Hiba Alami, Indiana Muslim Advocacy Network (IMAN Associates)
Aliya Amin, Muslim Alliance of Indiana (MAI)
Imam Ahmed AlAmine, Masjid Alfajr
Halima Alkhattab, Indianapolis Muslim Community Association (IMCA)
Ashhar Madni, Al Salam Foundation
Michael Saahir, Nur-Allah Islamic Center
Dr. Muhammad Majid, Muslim Community Center
Board of Directors, Alhuda Foundation
Ismail Aleem, Masjid Al-Mumineen